Monday, July 16, 2007

I look at this and it is really remarkable. teenage girls, senior women--strangers before and now connected. What does that mean. Connected. Isn't it what we are all looking for--to connect--with people who are like us, people who we are curious about, people who can teach us things, people who make us laugh and feel the best of ourselves.

what images mean connections?


Maddy said...

It seems to me that connection with people is all a state of mind. In terms of bridging the generation gap in Greatest Girls, it took me a while to get over my worries about not connecting to Ruth. It wasn't primarily because she was so much older, but that combined with the fact that I had never met her before threw me off at first. I ended up getting over it and becoming much more comfortable, but I think that barrier comes up a lot when we meet people who are new and different. I think that applies to Under Cover, too.

HaNNaH said...

Primary connections are formed by the looks and initial personalities of individuals -- people gravitate to those who look and act like themselves. On the first day of school, before people have really had a chance to get to know eachother, everyone gathers with people who they resemble. After time, people open up, befriending others, but these primary connections show we feel more comfortable with people like ourselves.

When we all met our partners for Greatest Girls, I think people were excited but hesitant. Not all of us thought we knew how to act around someone that much older than us. But after initial awkwardness, we opened up and shared stories, making a real connection.

So, I guess what I'm saying is in terms of images, when we see something that reminds us of a person we know, or a special time, or something familiar to ourselves, we form a connection with it.

Amalia said...

Hannah, don't you think commonalities are the main thread behind connection, no matter what the case? I mean, whenever i am friends with someone, no matter how similar we look or dress, we have something in common with one another. we manage to find a common bond that keeps us as friends. we can be as different as night and day, but perhaps the fact that we are both taking the same class or like the same movies keeps us together, and we can build from there.

in terms of greatest girls, do you think you and your partners grew close because you initially had the project in common and both wanted to learn about one another? obviously none of you looked the same or had any of the same hobbies, but there was the commonality of tvbygirls at hand, and you all worked off of that, right?

HaNNaH said...

what I was trying to say was that first connections or perceptions are based on how we first see someone. People do reach out to those who don't look like them, but I think in terms of first connections people join with those who are alike.

I was talking about first connections, because when you look at an image it can be for only a split second, and you form an opinion or thought about that image. Opinions change, but first impressions, I think, are based on how an image, or person, brings a personal connection.

I think commonalities in friendships are based on stronger connections, but for first impressions, you have to start somewhere.