Saturday, July 28, 2007

I just saw an article from Newsweek, and it made me think a lot about undercover. I also saw Saida down at the U when I was wating for my bus, and I sent her the link. We were both so excited that such mainstream media was doing a positive-themed story about Islamic people. The cover story and special focus of this week's issue is about Islam in the US. It profiled some really interesting Islamic people. Here is the link on the Newsweek website:


Casey said...

There is a ton of info here! I will have to spend some time reading more of it. Thanks for telling us about it. What are you doing at the U?

Maddy said...

Yeah, it is a really long article. I am working in the Minnesota Journalism Center this summer. Some of it is office work, but I also design some posters and powerpoint stuff, too -- something visual!