Monday, May 22, 2006

Rachel, by Jasmin:

My partner told me about how she often felt like she was negative about things and wished she could be more positive. She said she felt a pull between the two sides of seeing anything. This is about her and something being half full or half empty.
Change, by Hannah:

I wanted to be able to create an accessible piece with universal relevance about the feeling of change. A friend of mine was going through some difficult changes, so after talking with her, I made a short film about the emotions she was experiencing.
Boiling Over, by Amalia:

This piece was for Joann, as part of the Challenges series for TVbyGIRLS. We were to talk to our partner about a challenge in their life and then make a 1 minute video poem that reflected their feelings. Joann was having a really hard time and was feeling overwhelmed by the pressures in her life. I could really relate to that in my own life and created this piece about how it feels to be a teenager.
The Carmen Experience, by Katie:

My film is about a teenager keeping secrets from her parents. The series of images represent a teenager's reticent and sneaky experience. The everyday objects reveal how being secretive narrowly saves her from punishment for doing things her parents may not approve of. At the same time, this piece reveals the feeling of isolation the teenager gets from keeping secrets from her family. Is this lonely price to pay worth the prevention of her parents becoming disappointed or getting in trouble?
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