Friday, July 27, 2007


You all missed an interesting evening last night at the Walker Art Center's TCYMN screening. (Siblings screened and the audience thought performances by Hannah and Jonah were especially awesome. They got huge laughs and sighs and chattering as people said things like "I remember doing that" or "That is just like my brother!") The films were visually interesting (although the drug addicted suicidal animated pig and the entire film Lyndale & Lake were a little violent for me) and the audience was not business as usual. Apparently the Alliance for Community Media was having a national conference and all these community station owners and producers and stuff were there. As a result the Q & A had really different and rather thought provoking questions. They were a little less interested in personal experiences and more interested in larger issues. One question that stands out was "Do you feel there are enough adequate avenues for local youth media?" I think that as a panel, we agreed that in terms of numbers there was an adequate number of supportive groups but that they all needed more/better funding, technology etc and that instead of starting new groups/programs etc, we would encourage people to become invested in existing organizations and in developing opportunities to screen work. I was the only female filmmaker - and the youngest so it was a little weird for me. In a way, although there were a lot of women in the audience, I felt a little on the spot - like they were taking my answers as being on behalf of all female teen filmakers. So, what do you think about places for youth interested in media to go? How would you have answered if you were there? Are there enough? Are they adequate? And, here's a question of my own that I did not bring up last night ... do we want to settle for adequate?


rebecca said...

Thank you so much for going on the behalf of TVbyGIRLS. I am sorry I could not be there to support you. It's sounds to me like you represented the organization as well as girl youth well. You can only be who you are and I am seeing an amazing young girl developing into a leader with an amazing ability to authentically tell stories and address issues. Casey, your blog entries have been beautiful and I so appreciate your insights! Thank you!

Casey said...

Actually, I also gave Witt a little pitch about Behind Bullies, too. I asked him - not for a committment but just to kind of find out if it would it be possible to have the Walker host the premier of Behind Bullies. At first he thought I was talking about my first one and said he would be happy to consider making it the focus of a First Family Saturday because he still remembers it - which was cool considering how many films he has to see. I explained that I was making a new one with a different focus and he said to keep in mind that they are always planning 3 - 4 months out and that he can't make promises because he isn't the only decision maker but he would look forward to getting a copy of the film and a packet (I am assuming that someone - mentors?? help me out here - knows what a packet is. I am assuming this is like another grant-like package thing) when it is finished and that there would maybe be a possibility of using their theatre for the premiere or for making it a highlighted film for Girls in the Directors Chair or something. So, we'll see when it gets closer. No promises. I told him not to watch for anything until the end of October. I was just checking out possibilities. Oh, yea. There was this one cable network woman, I didn't catch her name, who is going to be looking up TVbyGirls and might contact you because she wanted to play some of the films screened (Lots of peoples - not just TVbyGirls) on her cable network channel.

Maddy said...

Wow. Casey, you blow my mind. It sounds like I would have said many of the same things: We have enough people and ideas, but we need more access to funding and technology. And we can always use more ways to get our work out there. Thanks so much for going and representing us - sounds like you did it well.