Friday, January 22, 2010

We've been working with girls in the WISE CHARTER SCHOOL in North Minneapolis. Barbara and Jen with the help of Hannah and Molly (on Fridays) work with 12 girls on THursday and Friday afternoons after school. Right now they are working on an emotion poem the made as a group: Here it is:
I am Angry
Angry is red and white and black shifting from one to another
It is the shape of a broken heart
And as big as your arms can stretch.
Angry smells bitter like vinegar
And when angry gets added in, it curdles and bubbles and changes everything around it.
It moves like an earthquake—slow at first and then destroying everything from the top down. Or a fast waterfall tumbling over everything.
Angry sounds like screaming.
It sounds like a building when it falls.
And What do I want to do with Angry?
- take it out and slam it on the ground.
- Let it calm down by leaving it alone
-: Wherever I found it, I feel like leaving it there.
-- I want to make angry happy by doing something fun
- I want anger to be a teacher to help me make the world better.

what emotion would you choose? what does it smell like. how does it move. what do you want to do with it?
=When I pull back the layers, I see angry is really afraid.

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