Tuesday, July 07, 2009

We did a very fun workshop with Latina girls from Casa de Esperanza last night. Maddy and Hannah worked with me to teach and we went to Izzy's icecream afterwards to talk.

Hannah had some interesting thoughts about the stereotypes we have identified for the sections (she can go into it in more detail) . But in summary, she felt they were too soft. If what we are exploring is not the stereotype that everyone can say "oh, I know that is not true...not all Muslims want to kill me" but we are exploring the residue power that has on us in more subtle ways that result in us staying away from others...then maybe we need those stereotypes to be what stereotypes are: UGLY.

What would you not say out loud? That Christians are self-righteous and think I am going to hell because I don't agree with them? That Jews are trying to dominate the world and control all the money and don't care about what others need. That Atheists have no moral center and think I am stupid for believing in God.

worth thinking about and sharing your ideas...BEFORE friday at 9 a.m. Because that is when the Structure group is going to get together and write the open intro and interstitials.

So get your thoughts in to the blog.


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