Monday, April 14, 2008

I am trying to embed the video again. Hope this helps.


Annie said...

wow, that is so disgusting, it seems almost it would happen on Gossip Girl or something. But not in real life. Where was this?

Anonymous said...

It happened in Florida, I think.

But there was one last week or so where an entire class of third graders plotted to attack their teacher and brought knives, duct tape and heavy objects to bash her head to school.

There was another one in Pennsylvania this week where a 10 year old girl and an 11 year old girl pulled a 10 year old girl off the monkey bars and jumped up and down on her head and legs, breaking her hip.

And, there was another one in Baltimore this week where a girl attacked her high school art teacher and filmed it to post on You Tube. It's just crazy. I don't get why this happens so much and why people blame the victims. In the case of the teacher, her principal told her it was her fault because when the girl started after her and getting in her face threatening her, the teacher said toldthe girl that if she punched her, she would defend herself. Anyway... I try not to see this stuff but it's everywhere.

This is from Casey BTW my password isn't working again.