Monday, March 17, 2008

To spin off what Kirsten said: it is interesting to see how people react to you wearing a hijab. She got reactions from people she didn't know. I got reactions from people I knew. So since everyone is so jazzed up about facebook, who would feel comfortable putting a picture of yourself wearing your hijab as your profile picture? If you feel comfortable doing it, change your picture and let us know people's reactions. If not, explain why you don't feel comfortable having this as your picture. If you don't have a facebook, feel free to throw in any comment you want about this idea.


Kirsten;; said...

i will =D soon as i get a pic of me....


i will share experiences once i have um!!!!


Rachel Q! said...

what kirsten said

and rebecca i would be kind of interested to hear what you think about facebook in general. i know at the last meeting you said you had some strong feelings about it....

barbara said...

I would love to have you share your insights and experiences from the shoot at the Somali mall on Saturday...
what did it feel like to put on the hijab?
how did it feel to wear it for a while and walk around the mall?
how did it feel when people looked at you either accepting or not accepting?
did wearing it change the way you could relate to people? or did you feel like you were a fraud and uncomfortable?
what experiences did you have being in the clothes of another culture in that culture's meeting place?

I will send everyone pictures as soon as I get the new software from iphoto!