Monday, June 29, 2009

The final stage of Undercover making begins---the teams have their assignments and the first meetings are set up to refine the segments.
Everyone had a great discussion about stereotypes at our Sunday meeting. How can we share the stereotypes that permeate the culture we are in, shape our unconscious perceptions and not unjustly accuse people of close minded thinking. We don't want this project to be angry or elitist or easily written off as a liberal rant. The interstitial team is going to research finding subtle and not so subtle examples of limited thinking/stereotyping in the media...and we will try to have something for each section that addresses the preconceived notions (especially the ones we don't think we think!) as a lead in to each section.

the teams are:
Interstitial: Kirsten, Rachel, Maddy, Annie, Katie
Hijab/Muslim- Molly, Hannah, Kirsten, Maddy
Shabbat/Jewish-Maddy, Molly, Hannah, Jayzmine
Baptism/Christian-Kaisi, Rachel, Jayzmine, Katie
Atheist-Hannah, ANnie, Molly, Kirsten

Each team will view what we've done so far and then meet to discuss next steps:
July 5th meetings:
9a-10 a- Atheist group
10:30 a-12:p=Intro/interstitial group
1:00p-3:00 p- Hijab/Muslim group
3:30-5:30-Shabbat/Jewish group

Follow this blog to see the thoughts as the girls work...

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