Thursday, June 12, 2008

To preface, this is partly in response to Casey's last post, but it was kind of long to put as a comment :)... I would agree that Clinton and Obama are treated differently by the media and general public. While sexism may play a role, I think the enthusiasm for Obama comes more from the way he holds himself. If both were men, people would still like Obama more because Hillary Clinton is seen as stiff and cold (be it true or not)whereas Obama seems to be a more gentle, yet strong character.

One of the things the WHP talked about is that femininity isn't based on gender, but more on characteristics of personality. Men who have feminine characteristics often bear the brunt of sexism. Marie Wilson, commented that in this election Obama was the women -- based on those characteristics. So when she says she wants a women in office it is reffering to "women characteristics". I think this is really interesting to discuss and for more info go to



Annie said...

Oh, man, that's really interesting that Marie Wilson would say would think she'd have been all for Clinton. I guess that makes sense though. But then, why is it "woman" characteristics? Why do those characteristics have to be identified with gender?

Casey said...

Here's a thought...who would win if both candidates were women?