Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's mix it up.  Here's something fun you can share: favourite movie of the year.  And once someone lists their favourite movie and explains why, you have to pick a new one.  

I'll start.

I'm going to steal this one even though I know everyone else will want it and it may seem cliche.  My favourite film of the year was Juno and it makes me really angry that everyone in the entire world, practically, fell in love with that movie. I kind of wanted it to be my movie.  But here's why I like it.  I felt that it appealed to many audiences.  I saw it with a bunch of my female friends.  Then I took two of my guy friends to see it on different occasions.  Everyone was pleased.  People got different things out of it.  It was superbly-crafted and I gleaned new wonders out of it every time I saw it. (3 times so far!)  So the cinematography and directing was excellent.  The script, of course, was golden and Minnesota-born.  I'm proud.  The music was spot-on even if the songs were a little folky. I got into it.  And of course the acting was perfect.  I really have not a sore thing to say about this film.  The best thing about Juno is that it is humorous but not without a great amount of depth.  To put it simply, Juno was very real.  I laughed for the first 70 minutes of it and cried for the last 20.  You can't get much better than that.

Your turn.


Najma said...

I totally agree about Juno...I was pleasantly surprised

well, now that RACHEL had to go and take what I might just have picked for MY number one, I will think of another:

AUGUST RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing. I usually don't like movies like this...but the music was amazing and I fell in love with the story behind it all.
Beautifuly story and wonderful acting.

Najma said...

I meant beautiful
not beautifuly

I can't seem to type properly

Maddy said...

hmmm... I did really like Juno. I have to say that mine was Once. You know the one that won an oscar for best song? It was a pretty sweet storyline, but it was done in a way that was different and stood out from mainstream films. It was made in three weeks with 2 handicams and 100 grand. I thought that was pretty inspirational.

K!RZT3N said...

I saw once and juno and they are both amazing movies. I was less impressed with august rush.... it was too corny romantic for my taste. =] sorry darlin.

I was very surprised and a little depressed after watching "charlie wilson's war" it spoke a lot about our political system in the US and about the cold war...
and left me a little shell shocked.
not too much but a little.

but JUNO was the most amazing film so far i think, mainly just because teh main actress did SUCH an amazing job making it a REAL story and not the disney-emo version it could have been.

i also enjoyed the hamburger phone....
made my DAY right there. =DDD