Thursday, December 13, 2007

U.s. House Salutes Christmas and Christianity, But 9 Vote -No

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CAPITOL HILL (AP) _ The U.S. House has passed a resolution ``Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith''
-- but it wasn't unanimous.
The measure was approved by a vote of 372-to-9, with all of the ``no'' votes cast by Democrats.
A similar resolution recognizing the importance of Ramadan and the Islamic faith was passed unanimously in October.
The 9 votes against the Christmas resolution were cast by Gary Ackerman and Yvette Clarke of New York; Diana Degette of Colorado; Alcee Hastings of Florida; Jim McDermott of Washington; Bobby Scott of Virginia; and Barbara Lee, Pete Stark and Lynn Woolsey of California.
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I think it is interesting that the resolution recognizing the importance of the Muslim faith passed unanimously while there were 9 people who voted against the importance of the Christian Faith. I also think it is interesting that it doesn't mention any resolution recognizing the importance of Hannakah and the Judaic Faith. I also wonder why they did this? Was it a Public Relations thing? Or...??? With the war, and housing crisis and Disaster areas and underfunded things, why are they passing resolutions commending religions at all? I know the separation of CHurch and state is NOT in the constitution - it is in a letter Jefferson wrote to a Baptist church but still. If that is what there practice is then shouldn't it be consistent? I don't know. Maybe I am reading too much into this? What do you think?

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HaNNaH said...

I agree that it is odd that it wasn't passed unanimously. I don't think it is really necessary to recognize the religious importance of any specific holiday -- that's why we have seperation of church and state. If you do that for one religion you are obligated to do it for all others -- not just sticking to the main monotheistic three!!! I think the main reason nothing was done for Hanukah is that it's not a very big holiday for us... what would be recognized for the jewish faith are the high holy days (wich most likely wouldn't be commented on, not being during the "holiday season")

Like you, I am venting a little, so sorry for any rambling